Week 12 – Fan Fiction

The week is finally here. I finally get to talk about The Man Who Ended The World

This was a great book about Donald Trum…. Wait wait wait, not that guy. Just Kidding. I really enjoyed this book a lot. With having to be on work travel so much recently, I was able to sit back and enjoy this book and seperate myself from all the craziness that surrounded me.

I truly could not remember the last time I read fiction. To be honest, I might have to look all the way back to high school ( A LONG TIME AGO). This book was really really good though. This was a very contained story with just a few characters. Henry is the young man that the you follow through his encounter with the man who ends the world (Steven Glass). The title pretty much gives away the plot so I don’t think we have much of a spoiler situation here.  Things only get stranger and more confusing for Henry (the boy in the book) from there as he continues on his adventure following the Steven Character.

The book has a deeper meaning to me. I don’t know if the author intended on doing this but the meaning to me was how powerful money is. This is so true in today’s society. Money could seriously bring an end to this world. Maybe not as direct as in this book but indirectly through separate actions. Money is the motivator in today’s society, and good and bad things come from that. The point is to see the power of money and realize how much better we can do with it as society instead of fulfilling out own pleasures (aka ending the world)

This book was a very fast read, mostly because I couldn’t put it down. How the book opens immediately grabs your attention and the plot pulls you in for more and more. I would highly recommend this book for fiction and non fiction lovers.

For this week, I did 3 assignments. The first one I did was tell the story through gifs. I also created a gif for my book cover and selected a motivational poster for Steven Glass.

When I look to my right, all I see is bookcase. I would use this bookcase for two things: the first one being pulling the book off of it to read to take my mind off the world ending. The second thing I would do is use the bookcase to block myself in the room just in case someone was trying to come in and eat me.



Week Eleven – Coming Down the Home Stretch

Here I am wright my blog about week 11

Wait, Wasn’t that 3 weeks ago? What have you been doing?

Well a little thing called life has popped up and boy has it been crazy. I got put on back to back to back work travel during the weeks and weekends and my time management went right out the door. Well here I am today to catch up. I know im late to the party but Im here to do the work and learn from this class.

The first thing I want to recap is the short film that Anne and I did. Anne and I took our radio show that we created and created a feature film to show the aftermath. I was inspired to make this short film by the Holocaust and Humanities Class I took her at UMW. In this class, we studied interviews by survivors and I felt these were also the best way to understand what an individual did to survive.

I had to travel during the week to San Francisco so I was able to get some great live shots on the west coast. Anne and I took our characters to the next level and created an awesome video. Anne was such a great partner and I truly enjoyed working with her.

Here is our video The Second Chance:

Video Assignment : The Night of The Living Dead – Character/Genre Song Mashup

For this video assignment, I decided to twist it a little to give it a personal touch. What I did was take the final scene in the movie where Ben is mistakenly murdered by the posse and add in tragic, sad music. I feel like the music adds an additional level of tragedy to the ending. Here is the clip below.

Finally, to answer the question of the week… the first thing I would do after I heard the world was ending would be to call my family and try to figure out how we could all survive. If there are no options, then I guess thats the time to say goodbye.

Till Next Week,


Final Week Recap


Here is a final week recap of what I did for week 13:

Final Blog Post About the Evidence and Summary of my takeaways:


Daily Creates:






The Final Week – Have UMW Professors Caused The Zombie Outbreak?

In my eyes, it seems as if the professors at UMW might behind the biggest disease outbreak in the history of the world, and they have been warning us about it the entire time.

This comes very shocking to me. Other than a few adjunct professors, most of the professors at UMW have been extremely helpful. It comes to complete shock to me that they would try and do harm to the amazing students of UMW. Could this be true?????

Here is how I view the evidence:

The CDE Letter:

This letter is extremely suspicious. Why would an important form like this be found at a University? Did professors know about this issue the whole time and not tell us?? Or maybe they did tell us, but we didn’t listen because we were too busy looking at our phones?? My thought is that professor were warned about an issue but didn’t know how to share it to the student body or was this there way of sharing it with us?

The Beef:

This is where feel like the professors let us down. Since professor’s knew about this dangerous disease, they should have connected the dots and seen the issues coming. Is it possible that the events of the WUMW radio show wouldn’t have happened if the professor’s would have just spoke up? Listen to the fear in the show.

In the radio show you can hear how the cows just died without any warning. You also hear from a scientist who discovers that everyone got sick from eating hamburgers at a large outdoor event. Why didn’t the professor’s say anything???

I truly find it so hard to believe that the professor’s would know something but not tell the students. But wait….maybe they couldn’t tell us. Maybe they were threaten to never say anything or else they would be harmed. Its seemed like every week, there was a night where objects would appear in sky above campus.

Photo’s of the objects:

How the Professor’s were trying to speak to us:

Since the professors were sworn to keep quiet, they had to find ways to speak to the students. Here is a photo of the apocalyptic books that mysteriously popped up near the bookcase in HCC. They were trying to warn us the entire time!


Was the end caused by professors at UMW? No, probably not. Did they try and warn us? Yes they did. From this I form my takeaway from this class. The major thing this class taught me is to not get comfortable in life. Always seek to challenge yourself and challenge your mind. This class forced me to get out of my comfort zone, which I very much needed. I sometimes feel like I never get a break from reality and this class made me take that break. What came from that is finding a new outlet to expand my mind. Since I was able to get my hands on some great tech tools, I will look to use those tools in the future to bring more excitement to my every day routine. They will especially come handy when Im in grad school.

I will end it by saying this. Always look to challenge the current state. If you chose to stay at status quo and ignore the changing world around you, there might be an opportunity that is missed. (or the zombie apocalypse happens and you all die). I am forever thankful for this class and all that it has taught me. I wish all my fellow students good luck in the future!

-Geoff (Jim Tomsula III)


Reading Movie Blog Post: Dr Strangelove

For this post, I decided to take a look at the movie Dr Strangelove. A long time ago when I was in AP History, I had an opportunity to watch this movie. I don’t remember much from that experience but the film jumped back out to me. I am glad I took the opportunity to revisit this classic. Here are my thought on a key scene in the movie


This movie still very much holds up and I can only imagine the type of fear this film brought upon the public. The cinematograph is very strong given the time this movie was produced. The scenes provide great depth to the situation and the seriousness of the issue

Weekly Reflection : Week 10

Week ten, week ten, how did you get here so fast? Maybe its all this end of the world thinking that is causing this semester to go by so fast. Our maybe is the mountains of work that I’m faced with right now that prevents me from enjoying life. (Sorry, I had to rage out there for a second)

This has nothing to do with this class, but in all honestly this past week sucked. Before Easter, my wife and I took a trip down to see my aunt and uncle because we hadn’t seen them in a while. My uncle has Parkinson’s Disease and is also battling dementia. I was not aware till we got down there that it had become progressively worse. I still feel like he knew who I was but you could see him go in and out. His eyes were so lost the whole time. I could never wish that situation on my worst enemy. The thought of that trip down to see him has been weighing down on me so much, I had to chose a platform to share my thoughts so I chose this.

Back to this work… This week I team backed up with Anne, who I worked with on WUMW and we are creating a short survival documentary about getting through the apocalypse. I am very excited for what is in store for this project. No secrets now, you will have to watch promo:

For the analyzing film part of this week, I took a look into Dr StrangeLove. I really liked this movie. It fits directly into the type of apocalyptic films I enjoy, which is ones dealing with real situations. Here is my analysis:

Question of the week:

So what question would I like to ask the class? I think the question I would ask is “How many fellow students love listening to talk radio?” I am such a nerd about it and would love to see if I have anybody else who shares my same opinion.

I hope everyone had a great week!


The Second Chance: Short Film Outline

Just like creating the WUMW radio show, I am happy to step out my box and create a post apocalyptic short film. For this project, I have teamed up with Anne, who also worked with me on the radio project.

For our short film, we have decided to use a documented format. My inspiration for this format comes directly from watching documentaries featuring Holocaust survivors. Studying these films during last semester helped me form a great appreciation for these style of films. I also feel like they are the most effective in showing the true emotion of the events that occurred.

Our film will spur from the radio show that we created. We will use our characters to show our survival journey that started after our radio show appearances. We will reflect on the effects that occurred and speak about the current state of affairs on post apocalyptic Earth.

I am ready to get started on this project! Anne and I have some great ideas to put to work!

Everyone should tune in next week to see our completed product