Weekly Post – Week 9

How is it already week 9??? Since this is my senior year I thought this semester was going to roll by so slowly. I guess I did a great job selecting classes that are very insightful and interesting that I truly enjoy what is going on right now.

This week was really awesome! As I reflected in my other post this week, I loved getting an opportunity to listen to my fellow colleagues. Their radio shows truly blew my mind. I was just surprised by the amazing creativity of all the groups. I also really enjoyed how other team members took the time to tweet about everyone’s show. I love the support!

Its probably a little weird that I say this but I would love another shot at redoing my radio assignment. I feel so inspired by my colleagues that I would like a chance to make another show. I also truly feel in love with Audacity and downloaded it to my own computer. I don’t know when I will use it but I’m sure I will need it at some point.

To answer the question of the week: In the spirit of Easter, I don’t know if I could survive without Cadbury Eggs. They are just so delicious.

Alight its time to go. I’m ready to get involved in our novels. I’m excited to share my thoughts.



Radio Show Tune In and Reflection

This week I confirmed that I am surrounded by the most talented students at UMW. I was completely blow away by my fellow colleagues work this week. The creative ideas and editing was beyond incredible!

Radio is just so amazing (I know I’ve said that a million times already during this class) It is such a lost art that I feel like most people under appreciate. This was the first time ever I had a chance to sit down and record my own show. I was extremely excited to take part in an activity that i appreciate every day. I really enjoyed the group that I worked with and given our inexperience at using the technology (Microphone and Audacity) I believe that we produce a very good show. I think it was also very clear to see the group that have experience. This was great though because It set a great example for improvement.

It is easy to say that my favorite show of week was the ALTf4. The production value, the cursing, the plot, the cursing…. It was amazing. I was glad it immediately followed my groups show because it came me an opportunity to see what improvements could be made to our show.

That last thing I will say….. I picked out some awesome songs for our show……sign me to play DJ

Tell It / Tweet It – The Disease is here to stay (Revised)

For this week, I  decided to tweak this assignment from Week 3. I believe that I could have used better language to and more description to add content to the story I was telling. Here is my new submission.


The financial crisis is the least of our worries at this point. The stock market is purely reacting the signs of a major disease outbreak. The one thing that has feared people for years is finally happening.

I still can’t believe that from the start that this wasn’t taken seriously. When the cruise ship arrived at the dock, there is no reason why those people should have been off loaded onto land. For days we heard on the news that an extreme illness was reported on the shipment. Why weren’t the authorities proactive in their handling of this situation. Given the death and brutal outcome of the cruise ship, how did they just let people take to the streets immediately when they returned?

For weeks now, every citizen in the United States has kept their eyes glued to the TV. Each person waiting to see if a report comes out about a new discovery of an infection in their area. Schools are closed and businesses are shut down. Nobody knows where this mysterious disease came from. The CDC is searching for answers but their silence has given fear in everyone’s soul. The powers of the world including Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are even struggling to face the public. These cowards are running to their fancy bunkers while us “regular” citizens sit here and wait to die!

WUMW Is Live!!

I can finally say this…..I helped create and produce a radio show!

As I have mentioned in other post, I love radio! I listen to radio more than I watch TV (Kinda strange now that I mention that) This was by far one of the best assignments I’ve ever participated in at UMW!

To recap my blog from last week, My group got together right before spring break and we planned out a plot for our radio show. From there, we took off and each came up with our own scripts and posted them on a shared google document. I took on the role as the radio show host. I also used my character that I came up from class to produce an onsite radio interview that happens in the show. (I’m trying not to give away many details so I force you to listen to it)

After we all returned from spring break, we schedule a date to do the recording and then a date to edit. When we got together to do the recording, we ran into one major problem… WE DIDNT UNDERSTAND THE TECHNOLOGY! So we retired for the night and planned to record the next night after we spoke with Martha. Thankfully Martha was amazing per usual and guided me to meet with a assistance in the voice center. The appointment when awesome and we were all set! That night we got together and knocked the recording out of the park. The only issue we had was people talking around the sound booth (GRRRRRRRRRR)

We then all got back together this past Sunday and completed the editing. Thank god we had Anne in our group because she was amazing at Audacity! If it wasn’t for her, We would have been there for hours editing out show!

I loved being part of this group project. I got to participate in a great project and got to do something I love! I also appreciated getting the chance to meet some awesome individuals in this class as well. Thank you Anne, Casey, and Crystal for being great teammates

So….. Here is our broadcast! I hope you love it as much as I do!


And to answer the question of the week…. I would definitely be a time traveler. Maybe I would save the world, or maybe I would just play all the winning lottery numbers and become super mega rich!

WUMW Is About To Go Live!

Hello Everyone!

I hope everyone is having a great spring break! I can’t believe that we are at the midpoint of the semester.

This weeks project fits right into my wheel house. As I previously stated, I really enjoy radio! As I type this blog, I am listening to NPR on the radio. I am extremely excited to produce a radio program.

Our group got together during the earlier part of last week and put together our plot for our radio show. It was great to finally meet fellow students of DS106 in person! Our radio show is going to be based on a Zombie invasion that happens right here in Fredericksburg. The show will start in a radio studio on UMW’s campus and from there break out into interviews involving our personal characters. I am really excited about the plan that we have put together for this project.

I don’t want to give away too many details now, but be ready to hear an awesome show!!

Here is the banner I created to promote our radio station

I will check back in later this week.


Daily Blog Post – Week 6

Time really does fly by when you are trying to survive an apocalypse!

Just kidding…or am I? Or is this current life we are living just a long drawn out apocalypse?? I got you thinking, don’t I?????

Man this class is really forcing me into some deep thoughts. This week was just any other great week in this class. I am really being forced out of my comfort box and I am loving every minute of it. I will be the first one to say that I am not great at design. I come from a business world where everything is plain and straight forward. If I add colors to a spreadsheet, everybody gets excited in my world. I really took a lot away from Paula Scher’s TED Talk. It truly gave me a different perpective to take moving forward in my school work and regular work. I am in middle of a huge project at work and I now have some great idea’s on how to make some aspects of it exciting. I am guilty to sometimes just thinking as work as just work and not making the best of it. That is an area that I still need to work on.

I am excited to get started in our assigned group. I participate in group work all the time at work. I believe that group work is one of the biggest take aways that students can utilize from their college experience. Life is always about managing relationships, no matter if the person is someone you like or dislike.

There is no doubt about my favorite group work story. In my first class at UMW I was selected to work with an individual that I hadn’t met before. We worked on an excellent marketing project and got an awesome grade on it. After the assignment, that partner and I built an awesome friendship together, which led to me being hired to work for him in my dream field of finance. You never know what can happen in these group assignments.!!

I am really looking forward to this team and the project ahead!