Apocalpyse Starter Kit and Reading Reflection

The first thought that came to mind when I started watching End Day was “Wow, this is a terrible movie”. After I got past the horrible production elements, the film really started to make the wheels in the head move. Those type of apocalyptical scenario’s in that film are the common ones that I think about.  When I say think about, its not something that I do all the time, but their are moments where I think what I would do in a given catastrophic situation.

The thing is I can tell you the exact moment when I started ever having apocalyptic thoughts. These thoughts started the day I watched the planes hit the Twin Towers while sitting in 8th grade science class. That was the first day that I truly realized that the world is not a 100% safe place. From that moment moving forward, I started looking at life different. I would not say that I was in constant fear, but I would definitely catch myself pondering what I would if a catastrophic event would occur. If a Tsunami was coming to the each coast, where would I drive? What would I take? Would we be able to survive a nuclear attack on DC from Fredericksburg? These are all thoughts that I’ve had before watching this film.

This leads into me into talking about the Routledge article. There was nothing new that stood out to me in this article. My thought is that SF concentrates on the apocalyptical genre because individuals like myself find interest in these items because of events going on in the current world. There are a lot of real life situations currently going on (Illness, War, Environmental Changes) that can easily be turned into a storylines that grabs the publics attention. Hopefully none of these films or stories turn out to be true!!!

As I finished reading the article, I started to research the reading material provided. After reading through many of the book choices, that one that peaked my interest the most was The Man Who Ended The War.  I greatly enjoyed reading the summary provided and after doing some research on the internet, this book really grabbed my attention. I look forward to starting to read this book!


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