Assignment: Character Choice and Introduction

For my character choice and introduction, I have chosen a character that currently is a young soil scientist that is currently working at a agricultural company.  In order to introduce this character, I created a Resume to given a brief background description.

Here is the resume of Jim Tomsula III

Jim Tomsula III

123 Smith Tree Lane King George, VA   |  |  555-222-3456


Experienced Assistant Soil Scientist with a background in crop management and soil observation. Able to operate and maintain scientific equipment and farm machinery to maximize efficiency and productivity. Strong team leadership and project management skills. Seeking long term stability and growth opportunities

Skills & Abilities

Soil Science – Agriculture product expertise – Strategic planning – Data tracking – Experienced multi-tasker – Operational Improvements – Planting Knowledge – Clean driving record


Assistant Soil Scientist, DDI Agriculture

January 2010 – Present

Studies, investigates, and conducts experiments on different soil/plant types to determine use capabilities of soils, and effects of alternative practices on soil productivity. Applies a wide range concepts, practices, and procedures from two or more specialized fields of science, such as agronomy, soil science, forestry, or agriculture.


Lab Assistant, XYZ Greenhouse Corp.

Studies soil characteristics and classifies soils according to standard types.  Provides advice on rural or urban land use. Performs chemical analysis on micro-organism content of soil to determine microbial reactions and chemical mineralogical relationship to plant growth. Investigates responses of specific soil types to soil management practices, such as fertilization, crop rotation, and industrial waste control. Conducts experiments on farms or experimental stations to determine best soil types for different plants.


Wisconsin University, Madison Wisconsin

Bachelor’s Degree in Soil Science

Overall GPA 3.8

Honor Society Member

Area of Concentration: Soil microbiology




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  1. Your character sounds like a great addition to a team! He sounds smart and may be helpful if we need to grow our own food during the apocalypse!

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