Assignment: Movie Reflection and GIF

Reflection : Le Jetee

I have to admit that I had to re-watch this short film multiple times to really understand the plot. It was very hard for my to understand the film due to its use of still frames. I felt like the constant changing of photos and misused soundtrack made it nearly impossible to understand the story line. Once I final got a handle on what was happening, I very much enjoyed the film, but mostly only from a story line perspective. I believe that I would truly enjoy a current remake of this movie utilizing the same storyline. This film appeals to me post-apocalyptic genre of real life scenario’s (Nuclear Holocaust / Natural Disaster) I also very much liked the concept of using time travel to try and solve current living conditions.  This film’s storyline creates a lot of imagery in your head, which helps support the still frames.

Reflection: The Road

After watching this movie, I immediately added to one of my top movies of all time. I really enjoyed the story line of this movie. The struggles of the father and son really sunk deep into me. My immediate thought after watching this movie was “what would I do if I was stuck with my daughter tryin to survive on our own in the wild” I immediately started to play all of those scenario’s in my head. I chose the scene where they find the individual who stole their cart as my GIF because that was my favorite part of the movie. The pain and anxiety both parties have during that exchange feels so real. The end of this film in heartbreaking. I could feel myself get choked up as the boy stood over his dead father. I am so glad that this film was part of this class. I am happy to make a new discovery of post-apocalyptic film.

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  1. Loved your review of the film, The Road. I am glad you liked it so much! I thought the GIF you chose was a good choice, because there was a lot of anxiety and pain in the scene. I used the scene where the son pulls the blanket over his father for my GIF. I thought that it showed the heartbreak and pain felt at the end of film as you described in your post! Nice post…keep it up!

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