Assignment Number One

Going to the Washington Auto Show is a yearly event I partake in. It’s very exciting to see all of the new models available plus future concepts that could changes the automobile industry as a whole. This year I was particular excited because I wanted to see all of the new electric vehicles available.

What I saw was not what I expected. As we entered the floor of the car show, all I saw was trucks and SUV’s. Who can afford these vehciles??? I saw stickers say 50-60K ++!!! I just can’t believe there is still such a strong market for these type of vehicles.

It is just hard to understand why people are still not thinking about the environment when purchasing a car. It is easy now than it ever has been to see the effects that humans have on the ecosystem. Take a percentage of the car population and replace it with clean energy and it will have an immediate effect on the planet. It is time to step away from the big SUV/Truck culture this country has.

I was extremely disappointed by what I saw. I truly felt like this years show would be so much more about saving the environment but I was way wrong.

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