Assignment: Thinking about Photos

Before I start this blog post, I have to admit that I am a terrible photo taker. To explain, one time I was at a Formula One race in Montreal and a couple asked me to take a photo of them. I took the picture and handed it over like I took at great picture. I turn around and 2 minutes later I see the same couple asking someone else to take the exact picture…. Ouch.

My issue is I just feel like the technology that we have just on our phones allows anybody to take any good picture. I have taken what I thought were such great pictures and looked at them later and discovered how bad they are.

This weeks assignments have proven to be very helpful to me. There are so many things that don’t take a lot of effort that can play a huge part in producing a special photo. One of the best tips that came from “Tips For Better Photography” was anticipation. There are so many times when I travel that I just pull out my phone, snap a picture, and put it back in my pocket. I need to work on being in the moment and watching what is happening.  That I know will make me a better photographer along with learning how to use aperture, shutter speed, iso to control the image. The next best tip that I picked up on was paying attention to light. I struggle with this most at night time. I have missed so many great picture opportunities at night by not paying attention to how artificial light effects a picture.

For my Photoblitz assignment, I took what hints where given to me and created some awesome photos. I used layers to create an awesome background for a photo of my daughter. I took a picture of a wheel and moon like object. I also took two picture to show the usage of vertical and horizontal lines. The last phot I took was to so contrast between two like objects, but extremely different in size.

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Apart from reading and learning some useful tips about photography, I great enjoyed flipping through the photos on Abandon America. This pictures both made my skin crawl and make me feel sad. The reason for sadness is because I see so much waste in these photos. Here are once flourishing buildings or areas that are absolutely no more. I wish our country would restore and reuse space rather than just leave it behind. With that being said, I could stare at this photos for house. I look at these photos and wonder about the story behind them. From a post-apocalyptic perspective, these photos look like something like an apocalypse happened.  When I imagine a post-apocalyptic scenery, these photos create exactly what I see in my head.


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