Daily Blog Post – Week 6

Time really does fly by when you are trying to survive an apocalypse!

Just kidding…or am I? Or is this current life we are living just a long drawn out apocalypse?? I got you thinking, don’t I?????

Man this class is really forcing me into some deep thoughts. This week was just any other great week in this class. I am really being forced out of my comfort box and I am loving every minute of it. I will be the first one to say that I am not great at design. I come from a business world where everything is plain and straight forward. If I add colors to a spreadsheet, everybody gets excited in my world. I really took a lot away from Paula Scher’s TED Talk. It truly gave me a different perpective to take moving forward in my school work and regular work. I am in middle of a huge project at work and I now have some great idea’s on how to make some aspects of it exciting. I am guilty to sometimes just thinking as work as just work and not making the best of it. That is an area that I still need to work on.

I am excited to get started in our assigned group. I participate in group work all the time at work. I believe that group work is one of the biggest take aways that students can utilize from their college experience. Life is always about managing relationships, no matter if the person is someone you like or dislike.

There is no doubt about my favorite group work story. In my first class at UMW I was selected to work with an individual that I hadn’t met before. We worked on an excellent marketing project and got an awesome grade on it. After the assignment, that partner and I built an awesome friendship together, which led to me being hired to work for him in my dream field of finance. You never know what can happen in these group assignments.!!

I am really looking forward to this team and the project ahead!


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