Radio Show Tune In and Reflection

This week I confirmed that I am surrounded by the most talented students at UMW. I was completely blow away by my fellow colleagues work this week. The creative ideas and editing was beyond incredible!

Radio is just so amazing (I know I’ve said that a million times already during this class) It is such a lost art that I feel like most people under appreciate. This was the first time ever I had a chance to sit down and record my own show. I was extremely excited to take part in an activity that i appreciate every day. I really enjoyed the group that I worked with and given our inexperience at using the technology (Microphone and Audacity) I believe that we produce a very good show. I think it was also very clear to see the group that have experience. This was great though because It set a great example for improvement.

It is easy to say that my favorite show of week was the ALTf4. The production value, the cursing, the plot, the cursing…. It was amazing. I was glad it immediately followed my groups show because it came me an opportunity to see what improvements could be made to our show.

That last thing I will say….. I picked out some awesome songs for our show……sign me to play DJ

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