Short Story Readings

For our short story assignment this week, I chose to read “A Boy and his Dog” by Harlan Ellison and “The Screwfly Solution” by Alice Sheldon. Here below is a review of both stories

A Boy and His Dog

When I picked this story to read, the first thought that came into my head was this story had to be about a loyal dog that helped his owner survived a post-apocalyptic environment. My assumption was correct, but I was not prepared for the dark and twisted plot of this story. The imagery that Ellison creates within his story is very strong. As he describes the setting that Vic and Blood are walking through, I can feel myself walking there right beside them. I especially loved the imagery Ellison creates when they are both sitting in the move theater and as Vic walks through the YMCA. This story is very hard to read given the type of actions that are occurring in the story (Raping of Woman). I do have to give major credit to Ellison for the ending of this story. The ending is very unpredictable and does a great job tying back into the title. Their truly is no way to get between the relationship between a man and his dog…..

The Screwfly Solution.

This story follows the same ideas of Ellison’s story. Both stories revolve around the relationship that men have with women in a apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic world.  The Screwfly Solution is my favorite story amongst the two. This story appeal to me is two ways. The first reason is because when it comes to apocalyptic events, I believe that a viral pandemic is the most likely scenario to play out in killing off the human race. The second reason is because I hate religion and I feel like it is a mental illness, but I can see where a bunch of idiots could become brainwashed by a idiotic idea. Both of these elements play a huge part in my opinion of this story. Just as in A Boy and His Dog, the ending of this story is very unpredictable. The author does a great job bring the story to a pleasing end.

Both of these stories were fun to read.  I struggle sometimes reading fiction but am starting to like it as I read more and more for this class.

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