Tell It / Tweet It – The Disease is here to stay (Revised)

For this week, I  decided to tweak this assignment from Week 3. I believe that I could have used better language to and more description to add content to the story I was telling. Here is my new submission.


The financial crisis is the least of our worries at this point. The stock market is purely reacting the signs of a major disease outbreak. The one thing that has feared people for years is finally happening.

I still can’t believe that from the start that this wasn’t taken seriously. When the cruise ship arrived at the dock, there is no reason why those people should have been off loaded onto land. For days we heard on the news that an extreme illness was reported on the shipment. Why weren’t the authorities proactive in their handling of this situation. Given the death and brutal outcome of the cruise ship, how did they just let people take to the streets immediately when they returned?

For weeks now, every citizen in the United States has kept their eyes glued to the TV. Each person waiting to see if a report comes out about a new discovery of an infection in their area. Schools are closed and businesses are shut down. Nobody knows where this mysterious disease came from. The CDC is searching for answers but their silence has given fear in everyone’s soul. The powers of the world including Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are even struggling to face the public. These cowards are running to their fancy bunkers while us “regular” citizens sit here and wait to die!

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