The Final Week – Have UMW Professors Caused The Zombie Outbreak?

In my eyes, it seems as if the professors at UMW might behind the biggest disease outbreak in the history of the world, and they have been warning us about it the entire time.

This comes very shocking to me. Other than a few adjunct professors, most of the professors at UMW have been extremely helpful. It comes to complete shock to me that they would try and do harm to the amazing students of UMW. Could this be true?????

Here is how I view the evidence:

The CDE Letter:

This letter is extremely suspicious. Why would an important form like this be found at a University? Did professors know about this issue the whole time and not tell us?? Or maybe they did tell us, but we didn’t listen because we were too busy looking at our phones?? My thought is that professor were warned about an issue but didn’t know how to share it to the student body or was this there way of sharing it with us?

The Beef:

This is where feel like the professors let us down. Since professor’s knew about this dangerous disease, they should have connected the dots and seen the issues coming. Is it possible that the events of the WUMW radio show wouldn’t have happened if the professor’s would have just spoke up? Listen to the fear in the show.

In the radio show you can hear how the cows just died without any warning. You also hear from a scientist who discovers that everyone got sick from eating hamburgers at a large outdoor event. Why didn’t the professor’s say anything???

I truly find it so hard to believe that the professor’s would know something but not tell the students. But wait….maybe they couldn’t tell us. Maybe they were threaten to never say anything or else they would be harmed. Its seemed like every week, there was a night where objects would appear in sky above campus.

Photo’s of the objects:

How the Professor’s were trying to speak to us:

Since the professors were sworn to keep quiet, they had to find ways to speak to the students. Here is a photo of the apocalyptic books that mysteriously popped up near the bookcase in HCC. They were trying to warn us the entire time!


Was the end caused by professors at UMW? No, probably not. Did they try and warn us? Yes they did. From this I form my takeaway from this class. The major thing this class taught me is to not get comfortable in life. Always seek to challenge yourself and challenge your mind. This class forced me to get out of my comfort zone, which I very much needed. I sometimes feel like I never get a break from reality and this class made me take that break. What came from that is finding a new outlet to expand my mind. Since I was able to get my hands on some great tech tools, I will look to use those tools in the future to bring more excitement to my every day routine. They will especially come handy when Im in grad school.

I will end it by saying this. Always look to challenge the current state. If you chose to stay at status quo and ignore the changing world around you, there might be an opportunity that is missed. (or the zombie apocalypse happens and you all die). I am forever thankful for this class and all that it has taught me. I wish all my fellow students good luck in the future!

-Geoff (Jim Tomsula III)


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