The Second Chance: Short Film Outline

Just like creating the WUMW radio show, I am happy to step out my box and create a post apocalyptic short film. For this project, I have teamed up with Anne, who also worked with me on the radio project.

For our short film, we have decided to use a documented format. My inspiration for this format comes directly from watching documentaries featuring Holocaust survivors. Studying these films during last semester helped me form a great appreciation for these style of films. I also feel like they are the most effective in showing the true emotion of the events that occurred.

Our film will spur from the radio show that we created. We will use our characters to show our survival journey that started after our radio show appearances. We will reflect on the effects that occurred and speak about the current state of affairs on post apocalyptic Earth.

I am ready to get started on this project! Anne and I have some great ideas to put to work!

Everyone should tune in next week to see our completed product

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  1. I think it’s fascinating that you chose this particular approach from a class you took last semester. I’d love to hear more about what you learned in that class when you post your final project (And what class was it?)

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