Week 12 – Fan Fiction

The week is finally here. I finally get to talk about The Man Who Ended The World

This was a great book about Donald Trum…. Wait wait wait, not that guy. Just Kidding. I really enjoyed this book a lot. With having to be on work travel so much recently, I was able to sit back and enjoy this book and seperate myself from all the craziness that surrounded me.

I truly could not remember the last time I read fiction. To be honest, I might have to look all the way back to high school ( A LONG TIME AGO). This book was really really good though. This was a very contained story with just a few characters. Henry is the young man that the you follow through his encounter with the man who ends the world (Steven Glass). The title pretty much gives away the plot so I don’t think we have much of a spoiler situation here.  Things only get stranger and more confusing for Henry (the boy in the book) from there as he continues on his adventure following the Steven Character.

The book has a deeper meaning to me. I don’t know if the author intended on doing this but the meaning to me was how powerful money is. This is so true in today’s society. Money could seriously bring an end to this world. Maybe not as direct as in this book but indirectly through separate actions. Money is the motivator in today’s society, and good and bad things come from that. The point is to see the power of money and realize how much better we can do with it as society instead of fulfilling out own pleasures (aka ending the world)

This book was a very fast read, mostly because I couldn’t put it down. How the book opens immediately grabs your attention and the plot pulls you in for more and more. I would highly recommend this book for fiction and non fiction lovers.

For this week, I did 3 assignments. The first one I did was tell the story through gifs. I also created a gif for my book cover and selected a motivational poster for Steven Glass.

When I look to my right, all I see is bookcase. I would use this bookcase for two things: the first one being pulling the book off of it to read to take my mind off the world ending. The second thing I would do is use the bookcase to block myself in the room just in case someone was trying to come in and eat me.



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