Week Eleven – Coming Down the Home Stretch

Here I am wright my blog about week 11

Wait, Wasn’t that 3 weeks ago? What have you been doing?

Well a little thing called life has popped up and boy has it been crazy. I got put on back to back to back work travel during the weeks and weekends and my time management went right out the door. Well here I am today to catch up. I know im late to the party but Im here to do the work and learn from this class.

The first thing I want to recap is the short film that Anne and I did. Anne and I took our radio show that we created and created a feature film to show the aftermath. I was inspired to make this short film by the Holocaust and Humanities Class I took her at UMW. In this class, we studied interviews by survivors and I felt these were also the best way to understand what an individual did to survive.

I had to travel during the week to San Francisco so I was able to get some great live shots on the west coast. Anne and I took our characters to the next level and created an awesome video. Anne was such a great partner and I truly enjoyed working with her.

Here is our video The Second Chance:

Video Assignment : The Night of The Living Dead – Character/Genre Song Mashup

For this video assignment, I decided to twist it a little to give it a personal touch. What I did was take the final scene in the movie where Ben is mistakenly murdered by the posse and add in tragic, sad music. I feel like the music adds an additional level of tragedy to the ending. Here is the clip below.

Finally, to answer the question of the week… the first thing I would do after I heard the world was ending would be to call my family and try to figure out how we could all survive. If there are no options, then I guess thats the time to say goodbye.

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