Weekly Blog Post: I Survived the Second Week!

This second week has been extremely productive and exciting. I really enjoyed watching and reading the information provided and reflecting on the content. End Day really stood out to me because when I think of catastrophic world ending events, those are the events that i think about. As I said in my reflection, I truly remember when I started ever thinking about the apocolopyse. After 9/11 happened, I really started to feel vulnerable to the world. That was a scary thought for me as a 8th grader.

I am very excited to start reading The Man Who Ended the World. After reading the short summary and doing some research on the web, I am really interested in this book. I can’t remember the last time I read Fiction so this will be a nice change of pace.

WordPress and I are starting to become friends. After getting past the initial setup, I am truly loving the usability of the tool. I look forward to building more and more upon my site.

And Finally…To answer the Questions of the week…. I would like to be turned into a Zombie. If I am forced to choose between something bad happening to me or happening to my family, I will take the hit and save my family. Hopefully they will be smart and shoot me in the head so I don’t hurt them after I turn!!

I am really getting into the class and cant wait to start tackling week 3


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