Weekly Blog Post: Week 3

This past week was absolutely crazy!!! None of it had anything to do with this class. To be honest, the school work was a good break from reality.

This past Wednesday, my dad was struck by a car while walking to the train. The guy that hit my dad immediately left the scene of the accident. My dad immediately called my mom and I left my house to pick him up and take him to the ER. After running test, everything came back negative and my dad was left just sore from the collision. Lucky, my dad caught the guys plate and the police were able to track him down. This has proven to be useless and it seems the guy is going to benefit from leaving the scene. Its my dad’s word against his and we now turn the page in another sad book about criminal justice in the United States.

After reading all of that, I am sure you can image that doing school work would be a nice break! I really enjoyed this weeks assignments. My favorite part was reading the short stories, especially A Boy and his dog. My expectations for that story were so different than the actual content. I was picturing a someone normal relationship between the dog and boy and man was I proven wrong. This is the great thing about fiction that i have truly missed. I can feel my mind expanding as I continue to read newly discovered fiction. I also enjoyed writing an alternate ending to the story. I think I still like the original one better since it is very unexpected but I think mine was very creative as well.

My second favorite assignment of the week was posting a review on amazon about a apocalyptic item purchased. The best part of the assignment was looking through what my fellow classmates posted. I particularly liked the post about the nerf gun and the crayons.

My final thought revolves around the question of the week. If I was with my family in a post apocalyptic world, I would definitely be a hoarder of our supplies. I would look to protect my family the best way that I could. If my neighbor comes knocking on the door, he is shit out of luck. He better run because if he stands there too long, he might start to look tasty.

I hope everyone had a great week!


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