Weekly Blog Post – Week 4

It is hard to believe that we are already at week 4 of this semester. Time really flies by. This week was by far my most enjoyable week in this class. I truly love photography but have never spent the time learning the proper techniques. I take advantage of the technology that we have available in our phones and just assume those pictures work just fine. When looking at them closer, I can see where an improvement can be made in my technique. The information provided this week by the helpful hints and the Photoblitz exercise really improved my photo taking technique. Just in time because my daughters birthday was this past weekend and I needed to capture that perfect moment!

My least favorite part of this week was watching La Jetee. The use of still frame pictures made the film impossible for me to follow. I had to watch the film twice just to gather a complete understanding. The 4k technology and HD cameras have really spoiled me I guess. The storyline was great but I wish that presented in a more effective way On the flipside, I truly enjoyed watching The Road. Before seeing this film on the assignment list, I had never heard of it.  This film fits into the type of post-apocalyptic genre I like. The storyline of personal survival and devastation pulled me right into the film. This film took me to a place where I imagined going through a similar situation. Would I be able to survive on my own with my child? Could I fight through pain and suffering to try and survive.

Now to get to the question of the week…. Can a GIF be considered a story…. My thought about this is no, It can’t be considered a story. It can be something to support a story, but not just on it own.  Here is an example:

Here is a GIF from Lady and Tramp. Does this GIF tell a story? No, it just shows two dogs kissing. Does it help support the movie itself? Yes it does.

I hope everyone is having as much fun in this class than I am!

Reach out to me if anybody would like to chat or share ideas on anything!


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  1. Does a story have to explicitly spell out a typical story arc? Do you think an infographic like this gif can tell a story? https://www.revealnews.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/NationalQuakes2005-2015-400px.gif
    What about these kinds of animations? https://www.theverge.com/2016/8/14/12452308/impossible-bottles-art-gifs-illustration-design . Do you think the length of most gifs and lack of audio make us more inclined to think they are not stories?

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