Weekly Post – Week 9

How is it already week 9??? Since this is my senior year I thought this semester was going to roll by so slowly. I guess I did a great job selecting classes that are very insightful and interesting that I truly enjoy what is going on right now.

This week was really awesome! As I reflected in my other post this week, I loved getting an opportunity to listen to my fellow colleagues. Their radio shows truly blew my mind. I was just surprised by the amazing creativity of all the groups. I also really enjoyed how other team members took the time to tweet about everyone’s show. I love the support!

Its probably a little weird that I say this but I would love another shot at redoing my radio assignment. I feel so inspired by my colleagues that I would like a chance to make another show. I also truly feel in love with Audacity and downloaded it to my own computer. I don’t know when I will use it but I’m sure I will need it at some point.

To answer the question of the week: In the spirit of Easter, I don’t know if I could survive without Cadbury Eggs. They are just so delicious.

Alight its time to go. I’m ready to get involved in our novels. I’m excited to share my thoughts.



One thought on “Weekly Post – Week 9”

  1. Cadbury eggs are hard enough to find without an apocalypse. I wish you luck finding a sustainable supply throughout the year if we do have an apocalypse! they are delicious tho

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