Weekly Reflection : Week 10

Week ten, week ten, how did you get here so fast? Maybe its all this end of the world thinking that is causing this semester to go by so fast. Our maybe is the mountains of work that I’m faced with right now that prevents me from enjoying life. (Sorry, I had to rage out there for a second)

This has nothing to do with this class, but in all honestly this past week sucked. Before Easter, my wife and I took a trip down to see my aunt and uncle because we hadn’t seen them in a while. My uncle has Parkinson’s Disease and is also battling dementia. I was not aware till we got down there that it had become progressively worse. I still feel like he knew who I was but you could see him go in and out. His eyes were so lost the whole time. I could never wish that situation on my worst enemy. The thought of that trip down to see him has been weighing down on me so much, I had to chose a platform to share my thoughts so I chose this.

Back to this work… This week I team backed up with Anne, who I worked with on WUMW and we are creating a short survival documentary about getting through the apocalypse. I am very excited for what is in store for this project. No secrets now, you will have to watch promo:

For the analyzing film part of this week, I took a look into Dr StrangeLove. I really liked this movie. It fits directly into the type of apocalyptic films I enjoy, which is ones dealing with real situations. Here is my analysis:

Question of the week:

So what question would I like to ask the class? I think the question I would ask is “How many fellow students love listening to talk radio?” I am such a nerd about it and would love to see if I have anybody else who shares my same opinion.

I hope everyone had a great week!


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