WUMW Is Live!!

I can finally say this…..I helped create and produce a radio show!

As I have mentioned in other post, I love radio! I listen to radio more than I watch TV (Kinda strange now that I mention that) This was by far one of the best assignments I’ve ever participated in at UMW!

To recap my blog from last week, My group got together right before spring break and we planned out a plot for our radio show. From there, we took off and each came up with our own scripts and posted them on a shared google document. I took on the role as the radio show host. I also used my character that I came up from class to produce an onsite radio interview that happens in the show. (I’m trying not to give away many details so I force you to listen to it)

After we all returned from spring break, we schedule a date to do the recording and then a date to edit. When we got together to do the recording, we ran into one major problem… WE DIDNT UNDERSTAND THE TECHNOLOGY! So we retired for the night and planned to record the next night after we spoke with Martha. Thankfully Martha was amazing per usual and guided me to meet with a assistance in the voice center. The appointment when awesome and we were all set! That night we got together and knocked the recording out of the park. The only issue we had was people talking around the sound booth (GRRRRRRRRRR)

We then all got back together this past Sunday and completed the editing. Thank god we had Anne in our group because she was amazing at Audacity! If it wasn’t for her, We would have been there for hours editing out show!

I loved being part of this group project. I got to participate in a great project and got to do something I love! I also appreciated getting the chance to meet some awesome individuals in this class as well. Thank you Anne, Casey, and Crystal for being great teammates

So….. Here is our broadcast! I hope you love it as much as I do!


And to answer the question of the week…. I would definitely be a time traveler. Maybe I would save the world, or maybe I would just play all the winning lottery numbers and become super mega rich!

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