Weekly Blog Assignment: Week 5

I think I keep saying it every week, but I don’t know how anything can beat a week dedicated to audio. I absolutely love radio!! It is what gets me through my day! I haven’t always been this way but more recently I have come to a great appreciation of radio. I love to listen to NPR, multiple different types of podcast (This American Life, The Investors Podcast, Pardon My Take, Serial, The Monday Morning Podcast (I love Bill Burr), and other news stations. I say all of this to say that I have a great appreciation for radio programs.

My favorite radio to listen to is “Old Time Radio”. Specially radio programs from the 40’s, 50’s, and 60’s. There is a program on WAMU every week called The Big Broadcast were they play old time radio shows from different era’s. That is must listen to radio every week for me. My favorite activity of this week was listening to the 3 radio programs played this week and live tweeting my thought. War of the Worlds is still by far my favorite. Each time I listen to it, I come up with a different scernio in my head. That is what is best about radio. You can take what is said and turn it into whatever you want. Each person listening to a radio program can choose whatever different thought they have. That is the absolute beauty of Radio.

The different activities for this week were so much fun. The Frequency 2156 activity was really cool! I love the concept. Being able to listen to so many different messages created so may different thoughts in my head. Your imagination can truly take over on the website! I also really enjoyed making a voice mail while playing the role of Vic. I left a voicemail for Vic’s mom to explain his and Bloods current status.

The semester is flying by so fast. I can’t believe we have gone through 5 weeks already. I feel really good about my position in this class. Life outside of class is extremely busy (Baby, Job, Teething Baby, Walking Baby, Baby that gets into everything) but the class work in manageable and I appreciate the break away from real life for a little bit

Cheers Everyone.



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  1. Oh my gosh, I love The Big Broadcast so, so, so much. When I was a kid (a loooong time ago), we’d listen to it on Sunday nights driving home from family weekends away. I just listened to it last night in the car with my kids! I love that you love radio so much!!

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